Preventing an Horological Melt-Down

Omega Constellation Dali Image
Collecting vintage Constellations is becoming an increasingly expensive pursuit - all the more reason for you to consider booking your prized pieces in for a periodic check-up with a respected watch doctor.

Mechanical watches are powered by machines with moving parts that are subject to friction, which leads to wear. Wear, particularly excessive and unnecessary wear, has long been the bete noire of vintage watch enthusiasts. Early detection of problems especially for rarer or cherished models is a front-line defence. Wear can ultimately cause a movement to arrive at a state of collapse - more a candidate for an horological nursing home than under the dial of a favourite vintage piece.

If you felt your ticker miss a beat or two, would you simply press on to the point of reaching a state of collapse or would you seek professional intervention? Arguably, the same should apply to that little ticker on your wrist!

There's an old saying that goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. If you ever find yourself doubting the horological relevance of this pithy scrap of advice, click below for an essay showing in great depth how many pounds, dollars or kr√≥nas worth of cure that neglect and erratic servicing may extract. The essay, posted under the pseudonym TheCrownPrince on a PuristsPro forum, provides a compelling argument for regular check-ups.

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