A French Omega Constellation 2648 Seen in the Wild

French 18 karat gold Constellations were cased in-country until the abandonment of the gold standard in the nineteen seventies, and the earliest models will always have the “Fab Suisse” (Made in Switzerland) appellation on the dial. 

I’ve seen many Seamasters and other Omega models of the nineteen-fifties with the “Fab Suisse” mark, but rarely have I encountered 1952 production, model 2648.  The first year’s production of Constellations was under eight thousand for all models, and this example with a 13 million serial number calibre 354 is rarely seen. 

While the photographs are not of the prize-winning variety, they do show a grand old Madame with an excellently preserved visage (the white spots are on the crystal and not the dial) and a case body and case back that have withstood the ravages of time.

The case back marks are correct, showing the Eagle for gold purity, the case maker’s mark, the ‘old’ Omega symbol and a case number recorded by Omega France but not documented in Switzerland. 

While most collectible in its country of origin, these extremely uncommon early French cased Constellations are more than a worthy candidate for any quality collection.


  1. Anonymous1:46 am


    That was questionable until I saw this The stars I thought were wrong, but that is put paid here, but the dial seems wrong after seeing this. Man oh man, folks try hard don't they? Thanks again!

    1. You're right, a class French case. Right again, the dial has been refinished, to quite a high standard I must admit.

      Thanks for your post



  2. I have a Pan pie de luxe with the French eagle on the lid,the case and one of the lugs.
    On the inside of the lid is the old Omega logo and the number,that number is very low:
    408462, I can't find that number anywere.
    Can someone tell me more about it (year)
    With kind regards,

    1. Thanks for your post. I also received your email with pictures.

      I cant see a case makers mark on the inner case back, and different case makers in France used a different numbering system, so I dont really think there is a problem with the case, as it is correctly marked with the Omega logo and the right gold purity mark.

      The issue I see with the watch is the dial. While the pictures aren't very big, the dial looks to me as though it has been refinished. If you'd like to send me a bigger pic I can have a look at the dial in more detail for you.



  3. Hello Mr. Desmond,
    thanks a lot for your info,I have send better and bigger pictures by mail.
    I hope those are of more use for you.
    With kind regards,