A Rare Omega Constellation 14396 ‘Jumbo’ Surfaces

I’ve long been interested in Omega’s practice of remaindering their superseded 1950s calibres in Japan with larger, so-called ‘Jumbo’ cases and have spent many hours trawling the internet in an attempt to discover the extent of the practice. Over the years I’ve discovered several models produced exclusively for the Far East:  the calibre 504 models 14395, 14397 and 14747.

Omega also exported other Jumbo models to Japan and the Far East in the early 1960s, namely the 168.001 and the rarer 14777, but it was the earlier models than began the tradition of larger cases being designated exclusively to the Asian market.

In all my years of collecting and researching Omega Constellations, I have never encountered a calibre 505 screw-in Jumbo…..…until recently, that is.   The model 14396 (pictured above and below) presents in almost pristine condition. Featuring a beautiful silky guilloche dial and simple gold baton hour markers, original crown and spotless movement, It surfaced in Japan, and if there is one there have to be others. The serial number of the movement is in the mid 16 millions, dating production to the second half of 1958, but I believe these Japanese versions were released in conjunction with the earliest of the calibre 561 models.

Another feature of these Far East models was the availability of a range of deluxe dials available in different luxury finishes as well as the more standard dial finishes on stainless steel versions.

These watches are a joy to wear because of the near-contemporary 37.5mm case size, and if you have the patience and tenacity to embark on a quest to discover another, you’ll be amply rewarded by the envy of your peers!


  1. Anonymous12:19 am

    I saw this ref. 5 years ago with exactly the same dial but a bit worse condition. Slipped through my fingers though :)

    1. You have my complete commiserations :) They are around, just very hard to find. A regular trawl of the Japanese and Asian online markets may be fruitful