Omega Seamaster Memomatic Watches

Omega Seamaster Memomatic Watch

The Omega Memomatic collection from the early 1970s is notable in a numbers of ways: superb case design, ground-breaking functional features and amazing dials that remain appealing to the contemporary eye.

Only 35,000 pieces were produced over four models, and Memomatics have risen steeply in value over the last couple of years. An original and well-preserved model I acquired four years ago for USD $600.00 would, today, be likely to fetch in the vicinity of $2000.00, or considerably more in a brick and mortar vintage dealership.

The calibre 980 movement that powers the Memomatic was a technological triumph in its day, and this, combined with the overall aesthetics of the watch is what is fuelling increased interest today. Click here for an essay that surveys all of the models in the collection

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