The Uncommon Omega Constellation Calibre 752

The calibre 752 integrated bracelet Omega Constellation has long been the subject of discussion amongst some Omega Constellation collectors, myself included. Was it a certified chronometer or was it not?  Is it collectible or should this model, produced only for the Far East market in 1978, be ignored?

I think that the calibre 752 model 366.0857 has enough history and uncommonness about it to warrant further evaluation.  In this essay I have sought to clarify what it is and isn’t and provide some pointers in respect to collecting a genuine example of the model.

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  1. It is a very nice watch with a cool bezel. With the bezel or lugs, the watch and bracelet are jointed in a remarkable look. I think it is very helpful for my next post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Spencer1:13 am

    Interesting article, I regularly see non chronometer cal 1010/ 1012 and 1020/1022 Constellation variants of their 1011 and 1021 siblings (and all the redialed frankens in between :P) pop up on ebay, though never a 752 version of the 751 Connies. Curious how Omegas sold so well in the Eastern markets during the Swiss crisis too...

  3. Yes Spencer, seems to be a lot of the cal 10XX non-chronometer, but so very few of the 752.

    Most of the ones Ive seen have been 'fiddled' with, and to get a genuine one is not easy but I think worth it in the long run



  4. Anonymous2:57 am

    Browsing thru ebay saw item # 270802851994 which purports to be an Omega chronometer with a 752 cal. with 168.045-368.845 case. FRANKEN?
    Bob Z

  5. FFA ken indeed!

    Cheers D