Omega Constellation Models 368.0855 and 368.0858

In a recent national survey on consumer behaviour it was found that nearly eighty percent of respondents admitted to acquiring certain material goods, whether they could afford them or not, so as to avoid losing face with their friends and peers.  Correspondingly, many of those surveyed reported avoiding goods and brand names considered by their peers and friends to be “uncool”.  Poor buggers, caught on a consumerist hamster wheel and clearly afraid to jump off, they suppressed expressions of their own tastes and preferences for fear of displeasing the mob.

A similar phenomenon can be seen in some, but not all, watch collecting fraternities, where acolytes and newcomers fall into line with received wisdom and take on the prejudices and collecting tastes of those who are believed to be more knowledgeable, more savvy, or more experienced. Chances are many of the doyens of today’s horological circles acquired their tastes and prejudices in a similar fashion.  Fortunately, in the vintage watch collecting fraternity there are enough contrarians around to make the hobby interesting, and this post is directed at them. 

As we're well and truly into a new decade, it is timely that Constellations hitherto attracting bad press or little interest should be reappraised, particularly when much of the odium surrounding the calibre 10xx series of movements has lifted in the light of a more balanced analysis of their pro and cons.  And so, we arrive at the last two in-house Omega Constellation chronometer collections to be produced before the sky fell in on the Swiss watch manufacturing industry.  

I believe both collections have very strong and appealing design elements, and have written a short piece here extolling their merits. The essay should be read in conjunction with this survey of the calibre 10xx movements.

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