Little would I have imagined when I started this project to provide a central resource for collectors of Omega Constellations that it would generate 200,000 unique page views over a relatively short time. I recall an initial response of scepticism and doubt when I announced my intention on Timezone in 2006 to document the production of all ‘in-house’ manufactured Constellations from calibre 352 RG to calibre 1021. The consensus was that it was a fanciful notion and unlikely to succeed.

Well, I think I’ve done a reasonable job in documenting the major calibres, various design phases and many of the finer distinctions of which one needs to be aware when sourcing and purchasing genuine Constellations. For that, I thank the small band of people who have provided me with technical information, pictures, history and encouragement, all of whom have been acknowledged in the various essays I have written.

There is still work to do, such as recording the history and horology of the calibre 700, 711 and 712 series of ‘dress’ constellations, providing a family tree of the origins of the Constellation (the invention of the 28.10 and the emergence of the Omega Centenary of 1948), paying homage to the C-Shape designs, surveying the case designs of the 10xx calibre series, reviewing the various Constellation boxes and indeed silver cases that housed Grand Luxe and Deluxe models, and a foray into Seamaster chronometers to name just some of the projects on the drawing board. In time, and with the support of a growing number of well-wishers, I hope we will get there! 

I suspect that one of the major reasons for the popularity of this blog is that it reflects the celebration of the Constellation from a collector’s perspective rather than that of the voyeur. Publications that review the Omega Constellation brand in detail are non-existent, and books that showcase Constellation models do so perfunctorily and fail to offer the type of information that assists collectors make better or more astute purchases. 

As a central point for reliable information on Omega Constellations (notwithstanding the excellent information available on the Omega Vintage Database), I hoped this site would shift the information balance a little more in the collector’s favour. A fundamental motive was to help arm Connie aficionados with enough information to be able to negotiate through the spin, the lies, the false claims, the frauds and the sheer effrontery of the franken-meisters so as to acquire a ‘real’ Connie. Every time that happens, then I feel I’ve done the job I set out to do.

I have been threatened with litigation by big on-line watch sites for pointing out fakes in their inventory; I’ve been called some very colourful names by on-line sellers who were caught out in their own webs of deceit; I’ve been menaced with warnings of violence and I’ve even had a hex put on me by an Indonesian seller who tried to rip off a fellow Australian collector with a fake gold Connie. But facts are a defence against these petty attempts to intimidate, and every time I get a poison or bullying email it validates the reason for developing this site in the first place.

I would like to thank the thousands of subscribers who have supported this blog. I also thank those who have supplied some exquisitely tantalising leads, pictures and absolute gems of information. With your support and input, we can make this resource bigger, better and more valuable to those who have caught the Connie bug.


  1. Thank you for providing a great service to collectors. I recently purchased my first Connie - a 1959 pie-pan with original dial, case and 551 movement - in New York, and I avoided purchasing what I determined to be a refinished piece after reviewing the wonderful essays on your blog. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Congratulations Desmond!
    Thanks for creating such an interesting and helpful website, you've saved me from buying several franken-dogs!
    Best regards, Matt

  3. Anonymous9:31 am

    Hi Desmond,

    Without your site I would have never known that the Constellation I inherited from my Father had been poorly redialed at some point when he owned it.

    By researching your site I was able to get the watch redialed and restored to reasonable condition.

    Thank you for your time and effort!


  4. Anonymous12:26 am

    Congratulations to you my fellow Connie Addict! I give credit to your site for rekindling my interest in Omega! Most specially for Constellations! Thank you also for paying tribute to Chuck Maddox. Thank you so much! I will share with you some of my collection of which my favorite is a Centenary from 1948! More power to you & most of all thank you for helping me in identifying frankenwatches!

    alan munoz
    manila, philippines

  5. Thanks guys for your kind comments. Its a real delight to hear stories from people where the info on this site has helped them bus astutely :)

    BTW love to see your collection Alan, includings pics of your Centenary.

    I'm collecting info to do an article on the 2499 and 2500. Just click on the email button of 'About Me' to send



  6. Anonymous7:57 am

    Congratulations Desmond. You helped a lot of people with your very interesting site and I hope whe can enjoy your site for many more years.

    Best regards, Edwin

  7. Hi Desmond
    Mate just wanted to say that your website is an excellently written and informative resource for those of us with a Constellation fetish, and better still you are always friendly when you talk to us to share your knowledge

    Grats on the 200k page hits and keep up the good work :)

    Regards, Chris

  8. gatorcpa2:58 am

    Desmond -

    Many thanks for taking the time and efforts to keep the collecting world informed.

    If it were not for your detective skills, I would not have known the existence of one of my (now) favorite Constellations.

    The fact that some sellers get upset when you speak the trust tells me that you are on the right track.

    Here's thinking that the next 200K hits come in half the time of the first 200K.

    Evan (gatorcpa)

  9. Thanks again guys for your comments.

    Gator, yes, I corresponded with a collector the other day seeking more info on that model. He loved the 'refined' treatment of dial and case.

    I haven't seen an example for quite some time.



  10. Congrats, Des! As one of the pessimists who thought the project was far too ambitious in the beginning, once again it's a pleasure to see myself proven wrong.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. hehehe

    Yes R, but you also shared what you knew and continue to do so. You also provided that excellent breakdown of serial numbers which in my experience is about as accurate that one can get :)

    Thanks for your support


  12. Anonymous11:45 am

    hi desmond! I am looking to selling most of my vintage Omega watches. would like to share some pics of the collection as promised. sorry been busy lately but will do this for you as soon as i get your okay. please email me at i am thinking of sending my centenary to omega for a redialling job.
    best regards,
    alan munoz
    manila, philippines