Rare 'No-Name' Constellations

For years I never encountered an Omega 'No-Name' Globemaster, later believing that most of these early calibre 354s exported by Omega to the U.S.and marketed as Globemasters had been redialled in the full Constellation livery.

Such are the riches of an increasingly globalised watch market, that, over the past twelve months, five have surfaced. The first I encountered was a cross-hair dialled example owned by Norman Garbaccio and featured in an earlier post (pictured above).

I had fairly well given up hope of seeing many others, but, knock me over with a feather, four have emerged intact recently, and I'm pleased to say that I acquired one of them. Two of these examples appeared on eBay and were not marketed as the rare pieces they indeed are.

Suffice to say, if you ever encounter one of these truly historical pieces, snap it up!


I have written an essay on 'No-Names' in an attempt to produce something definitive about the origins of these historical American pieces. Please click here to download the file


  1. Anonymous2:43 am

    Could we now expect to see Constellations de-badged to appear rarer?

  2. You never know :)

    There are some audacious and enterprising shonksters out there!

  3. Anonymous11:43 pm

    I appreciate your comments. I found one of these watches at a pawn shop for 500 U.S. dollars and bought it. I did not know why it did not say Constellation on it but now, thanks to you, I do.

  4. You bought well!

    These early Constellation bumpers are a joy to wear.



  5. Anonymous11:08 am

    My grandfather left me one several yrs ago and I still have with serial # start 12520***
    in the gold pie pan and cross hairs . I have tried getting information from Omega on it's value and history with no response . Any ideas ?

    1. The serial number dates the watch to around 1952 assembly. The key numbers are on the movement (calibre 352 or 354) and the case number stamped on the back. So if you have it opened and record the numbers, this site will be of value in identifying the watch.

      The metal content and condition of the case, dial and movement dictates the value of the watch.

      If you post the numbers I can point you in the right direction.



  6. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Desmond ,
    the case # 2652-2 , movement 352 , 17 jewel bumper wind , the case is gold on front and stainless on back with the gold constellation /telescope on back in gold . the face is the rose pan with cross hairs
    the condition is very good to excellent . when I took to our local Jeweler to get these numbers . he had offered to purchase which flew up the red flag and I have been searching ever since for info .
    I did look at the omega sight and could not find he 2652-2 just 2652
    thank you for any help you can give.

  7. Yes, the -2 after 2652 is a case makers batch mark, so your model is a 2652, with what I suspect would be a domed dial. Case is gold plaque or what they call gold cap. Cal 352 adds to the desirability of the piece.

    Not having see the case or dial, I believe the watch owuld be worth around 1 - 1.2k depending on condition.