Washington Jewelers - Wake Up!

When a storefront dealer that trades on eBay continues to list a watch that it knows is a blatant fake, would you ever consider darkening its doorstep?

Washington Jewellers makes the claim that it is a family owned business with over 15 years experience in the repair and marketing of vintage watches.

With such experience, would it not be reasonable to assume that someone in the 'family' would know how to determine an authentic Constellation from what is essentially a cobbled-together monstrosity with the wrong calibre movement encased in a case that has little gold content and which is of a style never produced by Omega?

Sadly, Washington Jewelers is very much aware of the fact that it is selling a fake! I gave the 'heads up' just in case they were indeed unaware, referring to a thoroughly researched essay on the subject of 091919 cases and other fakes coming out of China and Vietnam. They ignored my communication. Others have emailed them and their response has been seemingly indifferent with the retort that an unsatisfied customer can return the watch if s/he doesn't like it.

But that's not the point is it Washington Jewelers? For a customer to be unsatisfied, they have to realise it's a fake....and if they don't, or if they're a newbie just wanting a genuine Omega vintage watch, that's ok? If they don't realise it's a fake, your conscience is clear?

Surely if you have integrity you will withdraw the watch and suffer the loss instead of passing it off to someone else who doesn't know they're buying a fake? Or is it your intention to 'transfer the misery'?

Based at 1742 Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC, this mob claims that the watch is "RARE, Collectible, All Original, MINT". In any reasonable interpretation of the English language, such a claim can be interpreted to mean that a REAL Omega solid gold Constellation is being offered.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Click here for the listing and compare the bloated prose in the listing with the facts of the matter:

  • Omega never made a coin edge bezelled Constellation
  • Omega never produced a Constellation with a 091919 case
  • Casemaker, Artisanor SA, owner of the collective responsibility mark (Key 20) stamped in the case, never produced cases for solid gold Constellations. It's mark has been illegally appropriated and Washington Jewellers, knowing the case is a fake, is an accessory to this breach.
  • It is a breach of the international laws governing gold purity (and indeed US law) to knowlingly pass off a precious metal as having a particular degree of purity when it doesnt.
  • Omega never powered a Constellation with a calibre 565 movement.
  • The fact that this seller is claiming the watch is 18k gold when it knows that it isnt is fraudulent misrepresentation.
  • The dial on this watch is not original. It is a fake. Apart from many things wrong with the dial script and incorrect Tritium markings,the date surround is totally incorrect for this dial.
  • As a fake, this watch is counterfeit and a breach of Omega's copyright and trademarks.
  • The value of this watch is around 100 USD if one removes the calibre 565 movement and uses it for parts.

Pity the poor soul who gets landed with it!

As I asked above, would you deal with an oufit that knowlingly passes off a fake?

POSTSCRIPT: Washington Jewelers did not do the honourable thing and withdraw this watch. It sold for over US$2,200.00 Washington Jewelers sold their commercial honour and integrity for a meagre $2,200-odd dollars and some neophyte watch collector is in for a real shock.

See comments section for another 'suspect' offering by this family of......... well, you can fill in the blank.


  1. gatorcpa2:56 am

    Desmond -

    Took a look at a few of their current lisings and found a very suspect recased JLC as well.


    These folks are bad news and thak you for pointing that one out.

    Take care,

  2. Thanks for the heads up on that one Gator.

    Amazing what is concealed beyond 100 per cent feedback eh? Not 100 per cent for long methinks!

  3. Hi there - Not quite the same topic, but similar idea. What do you think of the dial on this Connie?
    Ebay # 300167861479
    Original or redial... the seller says original but...


  4. Hmmm

    Looks like a redial, but pics are too fuzzy to definitively say it is. They say its a cal 567 when it look like a 561/564. 168.017 is the correct caseback if its a 564.

    One to overlook methinks :)