More Fake Gold Connies on eBay

These fake Gold 091919 Constellations just keep on a rollin in!

Click here for fake #1. Review it against the post below titled "All that glitters isn't...." Postscript: The seller of this watch did NOT withdraw the listing after having been advised in full of the reasons why the watch was a fake.

Click here for fake #2. Same old, same old.  Postscript: The seller of this watch withdrew the listing on learning that the watch was a fake. He purchased it, and I confirmed the details, from eBay seller isoldit.tx0257 throught listing 120167126010.

Having spent some extra money on a pretty good refinishing job to the dial and other work, the second seller decided to suffer the loss and take the listing down. It will be interesting to see if Isoldit that sells under the banner "Buy from a name you can trust" and has a storefont at 3837 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas, will do the honourable thing and live up to its advertising slogan.  I'll keep you posted.

People are paying thousands of dollars for these fake case, wrong movement Constellations - still!

Makes you wonder if some sellers care at all about losing their 100% feedback.

Now take a look at this listing. The vendor purchased the watch not so long ago from Gisbert Joseph and it came with a certificate of authenticity. The movement is clearly a calibre 561, but what about the rest of the watch? Is it authentic?

The owner sent me a picture of the case back, shown above. What strikes you as odd? Well the customary Omega markings, stamps and responsibility marks are missing. The stamped Omega logo is a facsimile of an early logo used by Omega. The case is at least not manufactured by Omega in Switzerland and could be unauthorised. The certificate offered to the buyer by Gisbert Joseph may not be worth the paper its written on.

The legal requirements to have the level of gold purity and responsibility stamped on the case has not been met with this case, and should have been enough warning to the original seller to not offer it as a genuine Swiss Omega Constellation.

There are many suspect red gold cases circulating in Asia - watch out!

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