Update on Frankens

A reader advises that Sherbowtime has ended the listing mentioned below, and, after checking, I can confirm that is the case. Sherbowtime did indeed do the honourable thing and should be congratulated.

A regular visitor has pointed me to another of those old case emsembles hawked around by eBayer jdm_k20 with the fake dial and suspect case (see this post and also this post) being sold as a "Mint Constellation Pie Pan Dial".

The eBay seller, lecoultre, sold recently one of these fakes powered by a calibre 565 non chronometer movement and is at it again. This was also mentioned in an earlier post.

I emailed Lecoultre for clarification - let's see how he responds. Click here to view this little beauty of a Frankenwatch he is listing.

Lecoultre is one of those characters who has chosen to keep bidders names private on the listing - which, of course, we all know offers some protection of bidders from bogus second-chance offers, but also allows shill bidding to occur without anyone being the wiser.

Lecoultre describes the frankenwatch in this listing as "This is an excellent collector's grade Omega Constellation"  This is pure craperoni.

A Timezoner also makes the observation that LeCoultre is doubly deceptive in that not only is the movement incorrect for the case, it looks as if the bridge has been engraved with the adjustment information after the fact, in a slightly different font than other legitimate chronometer movements.

I recollect seeing others like this too. So I checked lecoultres earlier listing of one of these jdm_k20 frankencases and lo! lecoultre is using exactly the same photographs in his current listing as the previous listing. Some poor bunny paid $660.00 for his last effort.

Perhaps lecoultre should be our next roastee in our ongoing naming and shaming crusade?

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