A Change in Tack: Centrefolds at which to Ogle!

It can become discouraging chasing after the bad guys too much as it reinforces just how many Doctor Frankenwatch and other assorted villians inhabit the darker of eBay's shadows. So, let's remind ourselves what we're really here for: appreciating and giving rein to our desires to collect some of the best watches ever to be mass-produced.

And what better way to enjoy Omega Constellations than seeing them with all their clothes off! Today's centrefolds are Constellation calibres 551, 751, 1012 and 564. Good reference pics to compare with others you come across.

Today's posts come courtesy of Doctor Roland Ranfft. Roland administers Bidfun, a German- based specialty and horological auction site. I have traded on Bidfun a few times and it has been a pleasure, largely because those listing are mainly watchmakers / horologists and are both friendly and knowledgable. Every now and then a nice Connie pops up.

The site is in both English and German and translation is made easier these days with on-line translators look Google and Babel Fish. Check it out - its also a great resource for collectors.

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