New Omega Publication Coming

Jean-Luc Miranda from the Omega Museum tells me the museum's Curator is publishing a new book about Omega watches called "Omegamania. The book will be translated into English -
unlike the Omega Saga, the content of which remains imprisoned in the French vernacular.

A special chapter will be dedicated to Omega Constellations. Yippee! The book will be published in the northern hemisphere Spring, or in the real world (Southern Hemisphere) Autumn :)

Other publications worth a view are:

Anton Kreutzer's Omega Designs offers a resonably in-depth survey of Omega watches and includes a chapter on Constellations.

The book also features ads and brochures and a comprehensive list of and pictorial representations of Omega movements.

John Goldbergers pictorial essay of Omega watches is a feast for the eyes and features early Omega Constellations. The pictures make excellent reference pics, but, unfortunately there are no later 1960s models featured.

Donald DeCarle's Practical Watch Repairing is a standard text on mechanical movements. My 1986 copy is well thumbed, and the book provides information on basic horological theory and detailed descriptions of the hand-wound mechanical movement.
Apart from analysing problems that can occur with mechanical watches and suggesting solutions, he also describes in detail how to dissemble a watch, offers tips on diagnostics, and covers cleaning, lubricating and regulating watches. A good book for the neophyte wanting to know how these magic engines work.

Omega published the Omega Saga to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary. It offers a comprehensive review of the company's activities over its history and also contains some interesting historical data and quite good pictures, but as I said earlier, it is for the Gauls and Frankophiles only. Its not available on Amazon as it wasnt pulished in the USA, but copies are available from Omega

The Omega Book by Masaharu Nabata is probably one of the most authoritative books around and bests Omega Designs by far. The only problem is that it's written in Japanese. It has excellent glossies of Constellations amongst others, great photos of movements, and has pics of brochures and Omega ads. If you have a Japanese interpeter handy, this one is a gem. It also features some magnificent and rare specimens from the Omega Museum. Worth the cost just to look at the photographs.

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