Franken Detectives

There are, thankfully, a lot of keen eyes out there detecting the latest eBay seller shenanigans in passing off wedding and Frankenwatches as the real deal. I have received a number of emails this week nominating the following sellers and watches for our Hall of Shame:

haydn_uk1( 190) Listing 220032316692 with a cal 563 movement probably out of a Seamaster - Seller asserts the watch is genuine, but may have wrong information. Don't bid on this one. 1128) Listing 170034431835. This guy is at it again. Claims the watch is authentic when he knows its not. Has a calibre 563 movement in it. Come on Franklin - be honest!

jethrull92(464) Listing 110038788228. This is the second time this watch has been listed by this seller. Seller claims dial is genuine. Ive never seen a Chronostop-looking dial on a Constellation, and after a search of Omega brochures released in the UK, US and Europe I have seen no illustration of a Constellation with this dial. Timezone discussion on this dial arrived at a concensus that it was probably not original.

soiiba( 0 ) Listing 220032759464 Avoid this listing like the plague. One of our Chinese friends is seeking to make some pocket money out of some poor and gormless person. Has fraud written all over it. I saw this exact listing from a seller some time ago

billshaine( 387) Listing 230033767695. Advertised as a Grand Luxe 354. Is isn't - it's a Deluxe. Big difference, but this is a minor infraction.

trigger.x( 3808) Listing 140034999043. Good 'ol Trigger is bending overboard and giving us decidedly more bang for our buck. Has squeezed a cal 564 into an early 2852 case which should house a cal 501 or 505 movement.

Trigger deserves to be in the Roy Rogers Hall of Fame as well as celebrated for his pure gaul!

omega_zone(private) Listing 170033545332 This guy is patchy with his calibres. Here he lists a cal 565 under the heading Omega Constellation, which he knows is incorrect. Also has private bidding. Avoid.

antiquesintime( 2008) Listing 150038368518 This guy should know better. Unless he's made a mistake and described a 501 as a 561. The case should be powered by a 354 or early 500 series. 561 is the non-quickset date movement.

micha0827( 2869) Listing 160034010984 This one deserves honourable mention for the pure ugliness and non-authenticity of the two tone redial. Watch is ok but the dial, Whoa!

Thanks folks for your sniffing about. Feel free to email me when you uncover a frankenwatch. Please add details why you believe it fits the Franken description.