Emoting About Vintage Watches

Omega Constellation Collectors
What is it that drives us to collect?

Probably, we'd all like to believe that collecting is a wholly rational pursuit, but all you need to do is tune into the conversations on various watch collecting fora to know that emotions get a fairly regular airing and that some of them as expressed are not pretty!

Some time ago, I wrote a short essay on the role emotions can play when collecting vintage watches. I've had cause to revise and rework it after having communicated recently with some collectors who let their emotions get the better of them.

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  1. For me it is having a mechanical movement that is "alive" on my wrist. Nothing else we have in day to day life comes close to the intriguing and amazing movements of a mechanical watch. Nice write up.

  2. Thanks Chriss,

    Yes agree that there's magic in a mechanical of the wrist.

    It's about the only thing mechanical I think I'd like near my body - portable kidney machines and artificial hearts just wouldnt do it for me :)

    Cheers and thanks for your response.


  3. Michael Hrycay2:32 pm

    I am relatively new at collecting (around a year?) and for some reason OMEGA caught my attention. This is probably because they seem cheaper to get into than ROLEX and also because I came across your site early on in my research. (your informational articles are unbelievable- I think I read every one before my first purchase.)

    I have the watch bug. Your article came at exactly the right time for me: I'll explain.

    I purchased a nice 564- and a few months later found a fairly clean 751. Following this historically, I got interested in some of the transition technologies, such as the electric watch, and the tuning fork movement. I got an inexpensive Seiko electric just because it had that cool amalgamation of mechanics and electricity. I then bought the OMEGA tuning fork movement that they licensed from Bulova. This was only a few weeks ago and I am now looking for a Memomatic!

    Anyway- I am taking your words to heart- pace myself. Its nice to know that other people suffer from the same problem I do. I am sure I will end up reading your article several times...

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for you support of the blog.

    Couldnt agree with you more - its important to pace onesself.....and you appear to have arrived at that realisation early rather than late.

    This can be a lifetime passion as I can attest.

    I know of a Japanese collector who collects Seikos - he has, arguably, one of the best collections on the planet, and yet he has only seven watches. Mind you they are seven of the best ever examples.

    What he does is always let one watch go as he acquires another, and has over the years upgraded to better and better examples. He is an inspiration to anyone who needs to control purely acquisitive impulses: he's stuck to one brand, knows about as much there is to know about top shelf Seikos and has beaten the numbers for numbers sake collection of watches.

    I havent yet been able to match his astute approach to collecting but I'm aiming for it, and have divested myself of many watches in order to consolidate and refine my collection!



  5. Hi Desmond,
    Very good reading and advice.
    I am a newbie in collecting watch since 6 months ago. I try several brand including Tag Heuer and Corum before deciding Omega fits my personality. I aspire to stick and focus with this brand.

    I have as you said an early rush 'go-for-it' in building my collection. While I've not achieved burn-out, it seems I need to pace myself better.

    I really enjoy the collecting part, starting with 90's Constellation, adding the 60's and 70's C Shape (751, 1012,1021)then move to older vintage (a 564 pie pan and 354 arrow marker). Now I appreciate the 50-60's Connie vintage more. But I still would like to have at least samples of each era.

    Reading your articles hopefully will make me wiser in pacing myself. I thank you for that.

    Greetings from Jakarta

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