The Art of Dial Making

Omega Constellation Black Dial
The dial is the expression of a watch's innermost character. It displays the functions of the watch, expresses its personality, offers clues on quality and provides intelligence on the layout and specifications of the movement.

Dial design and creation is an art form requiring artistic flair, considerable skill and a thorough knowledge of materials. In Switzerland it is often a craft that continues, along with techniques and secrets, from generation to generation.

While watch manufactures make much of their technical accomplishments in movement design, they are strangely silent on case design and manufacture and the finer points of dial-making. For an insight into the traditions and techniques of dial-making, click here for an article written by Europa Star’s Sophie Furley.

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  1. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Fascinating article. The more I learn , the less I know but this was truly informative.

  2. MikeH6:40 pm

    I thought most mainstream watches have dials made of brass.

    Gold and silver dials are often highlighted in promotional material for nicer watches.

    Is this a typo or translation issue "the dial maker will begin with a plate of metal called an ├ębauche, usually in silver, gold or nickel"?

    A good article & thanks for presenting it.

  3. As far as I know Mike the info is as shown. I've seen many nickel-based alloys in dials, particularly more contemporary dials.

    Thanks for your post