Beware the Rush of Pre-Christmas Omega Vintage Fakes

Fake Omega Constellation Vintage
Fake Omega Constellation vintage
Every year in the lead up to Christmas, an army of bottom feeders, parasites and other opportunistic vermin invade on-line vintage watch markets to feed off the naivete and yuletide sentiment of people wishing to acquire nice vintage watches for those who are significant in their lives.

Judging by the number of fake new watches and bogus or franken vintage pieces appearing in a range of brands, this year is hotting up to be a biggie. Yes, it’s going to be a bumper Christmas for the crims and shonks who parade their fake wares on eBay, other on-line establishments and some bricks and mortar dealerships.

Sadly, January is my biggest month for emails from either purchasers or recipients of these counterfeit monstrosities. The collective disappointment and heartache revealed in such correspondence does much to dampen my experience of this the season to be jolly and to express goodwill to all men.

And so, in self-defence, I post another warning.

The pictures of the two watches above are those of the latest fake Omega Constellations coming on to the market. The first listed on eBay by German yuletide kill-joy watchauktion24 (click here) is from a new batch of fake pink gold Constellation models coming out of Asia. Lesser Omega calibres (usually tired old bangers from Seamasters, Geneve’s and early de Villes) are married with the fake cases and dials and sold as the real thing. No Chrismas pudding for watchauktion24 this year as this seller knows exactly what he is selling – shame on you!

Here’s hoping that Santa’s reindeers collectively crap as they pass over bgm 197's house in Zachodniopomorskie, Poland for listing this fake that pretends to be a yellow gold Omega Constellation. Again, with such a history in selling watches, this merciless Pole almost certainly knows he’s going to break a heart with this piece of junk.

Please, do your research before you buy a vintage Constellation for your someone special! Read this essay I wrote on authenticating solid gold Constellations. Bone up on the movement series that powered specific Constellations and read some of the posts on cases and dials. Buy your special vintage watch with knowledge and aforethought and they’ll love you forever!!


I'm delighted to say that eBay finally pulled the Polish listing and Watchauktion24 voluntarily stopped his auction, for which we offer thanks.


  1. Great article. I shared it with my followers on Twitter. Keep up the good work!

    Kyle /Perpetuelle

  2. Thanks Kyle.

    And may you have a bumper year with Perpetuelle in 2010!



  3. Hi Desmond,

    At least they are consistent - they both have the same fake case, same type of cobbled together movement, and neither bothered to "dot the I". Both are supposed to have tritium on hands and markers but no place to put the tritium. I am just glad that I found this blog many months ago and can now catch many of these fakes. That's the best Christmas present I could have been give, and I thank you.

    Kind regards,


  4. i found your blog by hitting the "next" button in the browser. hats off to you. there should be more experts out there debunking counterfeit goods! this weekend, i learned about the market for fake radko ornaments. shame on all of them!

  5. Hi P & K

    Thanks for your comments.

    Good calls on the major flags Pat.



  6. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Thanks to your essays on your blog I have been able to spot quite a few fakes. Some fakes are more esay to spot than others. Worrying is that even the ones that scream "I'm a fake" find a buyer. Please keep up the great work of sharing information on these wonderful timepieces on your blog. -maze

  7. Hi Maze

    re your other question, black dials were pretty much the limit in the earlier Constellations.

    Blue etc, were not on the radar at that time.

    Thanks for your posts.



  8. I found this one in a box from my grandfather. Can it be fake?

  9. Sorry Andreas, I wasnt able to access the picture. Soomething must be wrong with the url you gave



  10. Try this

  11. Andreas, I accessed one photograph of the case back and notice the absence of the brickwork on the observatory.

    I would need to see some higher res closeups of the dial and inner case back to confirm.

    Click on the about me hyperlink on this block and then click on the email link if you wish to send me some more pics.



  12. Anonymous1:39 am

    That shop is still open in Poland. I sent them this CH
    on a Coonie today:

    do you have papers, cert. and serial number on that Omega Constellation?

    /Omegapolice of Sweden/

  13. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Hi Desmond,

    I read your article on Omega Gold Constellation watches. It was extremely informative. What are your views on this one? The seller has 3 gold omega connies for sale.

    I dont see any makings on the back of the lugs which you talked about in your article. Also the finish of the case back is perlaged and not grained. Thanks for your time! Im learning so much from your site!

    1. The 2699 was one of the first, along with the 2700, pie pan models. This is a deluxe version with 18k dial.

      Let's deal with the watch head first: The case is sharp, the medallion crisp, the movement clean and the dial looks, although I would require larger pics to confirm it, like it is original, and not refinished. I value the watch head at between 3400 - 3800 USD (global internet price)

      This brickwork bracelet is usually seen on Grand Luxe and not 'De Luxe' models (as case 2699 is described by Omega). And so, I cannot say with certainty that it came with the watch. I note in the photographs that no picture of the inner case clasp (where there should be certain identifying markings stamped) and so I am inclined to think that bracelet and watch were not sold together originally.

      Bracelet appears to be ok, with no excessive stretch. The seller does not describe the length of the bracelet or the full wrist length of bracelet and watch and so it is difficult to estimate weight of bracelet, but as a general estimate I would value the bracelet at 2900 USD.

      Unless there are papers fro original retailer proving that watch and bracelet came together, I would say value is around the 6300 - 6500 mark maximum. The price put on this watch is outrageous and anyone who really knows and collects these pieces would be quite scornful of the seller's audacity.