All that Glitters Isn't.........

They do say that plagiarism is the greatest form of compliment, but plagiarising solid gold Omega Constellations of the 1960s is one compliment the brand can do without.

With the advent of Chinese and Vietnamese fake solid gold Constellation cases coming to market powered by Franken movements, the Connie collector has yet another hurdle to jump in the quest to acquire examples that meet the true identity tests of the line.

This essay identifies the key identifying marks of genuine solid gold Constellation cases from the 1950s and 60s. The most common case makers are revealed (something that most manufactures are averse to do) and a number of 'national production' Constellations are also canvassed.

My thanks to Louis Flocco, Evan Morgan (who, since the beginning, has unfailingly supported this project to gather as much information about Constellations in one place as possible) and others who provided input.

To download the essay please click here. It's a large file.


  1. Excellent article as always!!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    PS. I've been reading your blog for some time now, and I think it is time to let you know.

    Keep to good work flowing !

  2. Thanks for your support.

    I hope that the information has been useful and has helped the odd, and not so odd, Constellation collector steer away from some of the rubbish that we see around these days masquerading as the real thing :)



  3. You're just the best in this domain...Will you make a book ?...with all yours will be great...

    Best regard from a french Omega Addict..I have just three gold constellations from the 60's....

    My future dream will be an Olympic Game Seamaster 1956 gold in good estate (2000-4000 USD)

  4. Thanks Martin for your kind words.

    A number of people have asked me that question, will I make a book. I guess thats an idea....perhaps when Ive collected all of the information about Connies that I think should be in a book :)

    Good luck in your search for the Seamaster