Open Heart Surgery

Revolution Magazine, one of the newer and more 'hip' watch magazines (and let's face it, most Western countries are getting more hip.....and more thigh, more stomach, more man boobs etc., etc. these days!) is very generous with its archive content.

The magazine describes itself as Independent, bold, passionate, shamelessly hedonistic and unrepentantly technical in its search for the haute horological nirvana - sounds to me like the psychological profile for your average 'horological petrolhead'!

It lives up to its claims, and in volume 5 offers an excellent technical and photographic essay on the "heart of the watch" - the escapement.

The magazine also operates the horomundi blog at

For a pdf of the essay please click here


  1. Nice..... it's a shame that I can't get decent magazines in my city

  2. Anonymous8:20 am

    Hi! Your blog is awsome!
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    Thank you very very much!!!