Yet another fake 18k gold Omega Constellation has raised its ugly head on eBay.

Case number 163.001 never appeared on a dogleg lugged Constellation case, but the fakirs from China have truncated the case number 163.0001, which was indeed a later Constellation powered by a calibre 712 movement. The shape of a 163.0001 is vastly different to that seen in this listing.

While the seller says in the listing "i am a bad fotographer and the pictures dont do justice to what the watch looks like", s/he is a good enough photographer to allow us to declare that this is a fake case that does not feature the normal Constellation hermetic seals at the crown and has been cobbled together with a non-COSC movement.

The seller may well not know that this is but one of a series of similar fakes and I have advised him/her accordingly

POSTSCRIPT:  I'm pleased to say that this listing was removed

Click here for a detailed article on determining authenticity of solid gold Constellations.

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