Stars of the Month

Star quality is a precious commodity, and this series of Stars of the Month is necessarily ad-hoc, because true stars in the Constellation line surface irregularly.

I'm pleased to report that two stars fell from the heavens this month, courtesy of collectors EvanM and MikeN.

Click here for a photo-essay of two early model Constellations, both special in their own ways and both something to set your collecting sights on.

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  1. Just want to let you know about my write-up on this vintage family Constellation. Couldn't find your e-mail address here, so I (ab)use this comment field for it... :)

    All the best,

  2. Hi Robert

    Thanks for the heads up on the article - wonderful story and I just love your description of mechanical clumsiness as not much "Fingerspitzengef├╝hl for mechanics" :) I would love to find a reason to use that phrase one day!

    Yes my email is hidden in the about me section to avoid spam bots.

    I'll link to your story as I very much enjoyed it.



  3. Anonymous12:47 am

    Hi Desmond, have you seen line for sale what look like an example similar to the one on the left. The seller is looking for $4k usd. This seems like a un-common version but the price is a bit high. What do you think. Regards, Marcus

    1. This is one of the early "No Name" models marketed in the US as a Globemaster. These are less common than examples sold as Constellations (See my essay on the topic in the RH column)

      This one seems to be legit. The OXG mark indicating importation into the US is marked on the movement, the case is okay but a bit overpolished, the dial is marked just below the chronometer lettering, and the crown is a clover leaf version that may or may not have been original to the watch. Movement is clean and of course one pays a bit more for a guilloche dial.

      All in all I think its nearly worth the money. There is probably a few hundred dollars play in the deal and so you could make an offer.