The Omega Constellation - Gerald Genta Connection??

It has long been held that Gerald Genta designed an Omega Constellation. And yet, in searching the web and accessing references to Genta's earlier design career I could find no substantiated evidence that Genta did in fact design one of these iconic vintage models.

I chanced upon numerous repetitions of one sourced opinion and many questions from forum subscribers asking for confirmation or querying which Constellation was attributable to Gerard Genta, but never did I hit the motherlode!

Well, I stuck at this like a dog with a bone and my efforts have paid off. Did Genta design a Constellation? You'll be very surprised at the answer. Click here to find out.

Gerald was interviewed in London by Constantin Stikas for in 2009, two years before he died. This interview covers a broad canvas of Genta's watch designs.

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