Omega - World's Top Brand on the Internet

Omega Watch Market Statistics
If you ever doubted the power of the Omega brand, here is evidence revealing that Omega is the King of Brands on the Internet.

The World Watch Report, published by IC-Agency, an online marketing consulting firm based in Europe (Switzerland) and North America (Canada), reveals that Omega is the highest ranked searched-for Brand on the Internet with 17% of watch searches. Seamaster (7.8%) and Speedmaster (4.7%) account for the lion share. This compares with Rolex's biggest on-line magnet, the Daytona, at 4.3%.  

Based on over 300 million searches globally, the World Watch Report highlights the opportunities of 25 prestigious brands in 7 key exportable markets.

Europe as an entity commands the largest number of searches with 44.2%. However the U.S. is the singlemost important market for prestigious Swiss watch brands with 42.8% of total searches. The United Kingdom remains an important player with 14.6% of all searches while Germany (12.1%),Italy (9.6%) and France (7.7%) continue to have a significant interest in Swiss watches.

There is an emerging cadre of brand junkies in China, representing 7.4% of the total searches for Swiss brands. 77% of those searches were for brands rather than models. Japanese interest in Swiss brands has shrunk to 5.8% of searches.

The survey also reviewed searches for fakes and the U.S. won hands down, registering 66.4% of all searches for fakes of renowned Swiss brands. It doesn't appear that the current campaign of the Swiss Industry - "Fake watches are for Fake People" -  is having much impact in the U.S.

What does all this mean for Omega collectors? Three thoughts come to mind. Firstly, Omega, at least in the minds of the on-line community, has made up much ground over the past few years, inching steadily towards the recognition and reputation it had during the halcyon days of the mechanical watch in the fifties and sixties. Secondly, this is good news for collectors of Omega vintage watches, because brand visibility impacts on collectibility and values. Thirdly, the Rolex crown is looking shakier, maybe because it's greatest devotees are taking a hiding for bringing the world financial system to its knees!

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