Omega Tresor Database

With the reintroduction of the Omega Deville Tresor line in 2014 and the latest series of 125th Anniversary offerings like the example shown above, there has been renewed interest in the original series produced from 1949.  Originally manufactured for markets that didn’t have the purchasing power of the First World, such as much of South America, the Tresor was an elegant and somewhat minimalist showcase for the famous 30mm series of Omega movements.

Many of the Tresor models were encased in 18 karat pink (or rose) gold slim-line cases, a favoured hue amongst many South Americans and their Middle-Eastern counterparts, and another reason for their resurgence amongst Western collectors today, pink gold currently enjoying a comeback in the West.  Some models were also comparatively large at 37.5mm diameter, a real attraction amongst the “big-is-better” contingent of present-day collectors and hipsters who need to make a statement about recycling. 

I’ve read several internet pieces on Tresors authored by collectors over the years, but none as comprehensive as the work completed by Edmundo Klophaus, a long-term Tresor devotee.  We were recently communicating on other matters horological and he happened to mention that he had produced an essay and database on these delightfully understated pieces.  We agreed that it was a timely resource to make available to Omega devotees.

Edmundo has invested a significant amount of labour and research in creating this survey of Tresors, and is deserving of our gratitude for adding to the Omega body of knowledge. You can access the document here.

In addition to his work on Tresors, Edmundo has laboured away on a comprehensive survey of Omega Seamaster models, an extremely useful document when appraising Seamasters for originality.  The Seamaster document can be found here

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