The Omega Constellation Jumbo 14777

For those who enjoy the heady rush of the chase, the ‘Jumbo’ model 14777 Omega Constellation has the potential to have your adrenal glands a-gushing. Be prepared to endure the infusion of brain chemicals that feed and reflect frustration though, because finding one will not be easy.

The calibre 561 model 14777, at 37mm diameter with 19mm lugs is the forerunner to the Jumbo 168.001, and like its successor was produced for mainly the Japanese market. The case shape is very similar to both the 168.001 and the 14393.

In the Omega Far Eastern collection for two years, the earliest of these models was produced in 1961 and will have late 18 million and early 19 million serial numbers. The 1962 production models will bear serial numbers in the later 19 million range. The case back stamps will show 14777 61 SC and 14777 62 SC and carry the Central Boites tombstone maker’s stamp.

Dials were domed and offered plain and cross-hair versions. They were produced during Omega's short-lived experiment with the elimination of "Officially Certified" from the upper case script.

While I wouldn’t rule out the cases having been produced in solid gold, the six examples I have seen over the span of my collecting experience have been either stainless steel or 200 micron gold capped.  I have spotted a couple of examples over time with Beads of Rice bracelets attached to 19mm end pieces.

While Japan and surrounds is perhaps not as tropical and humid as some South-East Asian countries, do expect to see more examples showing signs of dial degradation than in pristine condition.  The two 14777s shown were both located in Japan, which is the best source for inventory, although they have migrated and been offered for sale in Korea and the U.S.

Are these models rare? I’d start with uncommon, and move onwards from there.  Few surface, and examples in immaculate condition are very hard to find.   


  1. I Own an omega constellation that needs to be repaired. Does someone knows a reputable place where I can send it to get it fixed. Thanks

  2. It depends where you live. I would tend to avoid Omega service centres and opt for a local, independent watchmaker who has worked with Omegas over time.



  3. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Great watch! I iown one in stainless steel, pie pan, very elegant watch!
    could you precise the bracelet numbers, i think it would be help a lot of people including me!!

  4. My father gave me his Omega Constellation that looks exactly like the one on this picture but with 18k gold band. I live in Orange County, CA and would like to get it appraised to possibly sell it at a reputable place. Would you know of any place? The case says Swiss Made No 1401.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Elena

      Just post your email address. I wont publish it, but will email you.

      If you would like to send me some photographs I can tell you about the watch. Was it purchased in South America? If so it may have different case markings.