British Omega Constellations - Update

If you want to know anything about British cased solid gold Omega Constellations of the nineteen-fifties and sixties, there is no point asking the Omega Museum because they have not kept comprehensive records.  Instead, you are left with the option of trawling through the www and applying a  sieve to hearsay, myth and  fantasy in the hope of discovering some nuggets of fact.

Well, that certainly was the case until British collector Andrew Romaine invested time and considerable labour in producing a comprehensive review of Omega's relationship with U.K. precious metals case maker, Dennison.

Andrew has spent the past twelve months editing and up-dating his original essay. It has grown considerably, and includes new information that has come to light and additional pictures of the various Dennison Constellation models.  You can access the up-dated essay here

Andrew deserves our sincere thanks for his continued efforts in filling this knowledge gap.

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