The Mother of All Constellation FrankenFakes

Hi I'm a fake-aholic and it's been several months since my last outbreak!

I've been trying to wean myself off reporting fakes, so as to concentrate on the important stuff - like writing essays on REAL Connies! But this one caused me to fall off the wagon and slip back into my addiction.

These Chinese fakes have been circulating for about four or five years, but this is the first ersatz coin-edge bezelled Grand Luxe with a black dial that I have seen. Yes, bring out the party hats, this eBay seller 'mickship 66' has gone to some lengths to make this frankenfake as alluring as possible - he purchased a fake black dial from this eBay listing to add extra allure to support his false claims of rarity.

Click here for the listing by mickship66 - another rag and bone man who would sell his mother for a pittance, a dunderhead who can't even cover his tracks, or a right wanker who failed to verify the authenticity of this classic piece of Chinese dissimulation before he decided to describe it as "This is a rare and beautiful black faced Omega constellation pie-pan watch"?????

Well, mickship, I got news for you. You're sprung!!

My advice to all is report this piece of crud before the auction ends....and give this rag and bone man who claims that this watch is a "vintage omega constellation 18 kt gold,pie-pan face Ultra rare, stunning, sun-burst bezel" the big rasberry that he deserves.

Click here for an essay I wrote on these fakes

POSTSCRIPT: Very pleased to say that eBay took this listing down.  I wonder where the watch will pop up next?  Thanks to all who reported it as a fake.


  1. Anonymous9:22 pm

    and this one ????

  2. Here is another one: is this really an Omega?


  3. no - it's a chinese fake.

    Just another example of the lack of national morality in allowing these fakes to be produced