A Sows' Ear is Always a Sow's Ear

Fake vintage omega Constellation watch
Well, aint this the purdiest l'il piglet you ever did see?
Only problem is that no amount of talking up this feat of magic from the fakir's hand will transform it into a real Connie.

eBay seller Jeweleryagain, after having sold more than 9000 items on this auction platform, should know better than to offer what is obviously a very poor fake and claim it as the real thing.

Take a look at the auction here and see how many features of this piece scream Pretender! 

POSTSCRIPT: I'm pleased to say that this listing has now been removed from eBay

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  1. Hi Desmond
    Mate i see that item was pulled from the sellers site faster than a choc chip cookie dissappears at a Weight Watchers convention :)

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself :)