An 'Old Girl' Gets a Face Lift

Restoring Omega Constellation Vintage Watch

It's always a pleasure to see an early Connie get a make-over and return looking fresh and sharp for its age.

A short while ago I exchanged emails with 'Ger', the owner of this calibre 354 early Constellation. She looked fairly worse for the wear, but looking beyond the shattered crystal, the dial appeared to have aged beautifully. The case appeared sharp, and this old girl appeared an ideal candidate for what I call "functional restoration": That is, replacement of damaged parts, a light polishing to ensure the sharpness of the case was retained and a good going-over of the movement ensuring that it met factory specs.

Ger sent her off to a Ferrie Schweitzer and the results of the make-over appear here
Ferrie Schweitzer worked for omega for 30 years before starting his own business. Ferrie's work comes highly recommended and he performs a unique service by providing pictures of a client's vintage watch during its various stages of restoration. Click here for Ferrie's website.

The pictures reveal a step-by-step dis-assembling, cleaning and replacement of minor parts. This 'rough diamond' was rescued from a local market and, with a reasonable investment in restoration, her classic beauty has re-emerged to beguile us all!

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