For Those Who Want Twice the Watch for Half the Price

If you can't make up your mind over a choice of a vintage Seamaster or an Omega Constellation, consider this little example of Bulgarian ingenuity.

I choose not to mention the eBay seller's name here, because this attempt to be all things to all people is so gormless that it demands amusement rather than censure as a response. Nor do I know if the seller is aware of such a comical faux pas.

One must consider that reality in Bulgaria until recent times was largely determined by a committee of old fossils on a Politburo rather than careful questioning and obervation of phenomena. So, if a big man with bushy eyebrows and a authoritarian glint in his eye says "This is an Omega Seamaster Constellation" who is likely to question?

Strangely, this will be a good buy for someone if purchased cheaply. The watch itself is a real Connie with a silly dial. The hands, movement, case number, etc are correct. A good dial refinish would bring back its natural personality.


  1. Nice watch! I could wear it while driving down the road in my Cadillac Oldsmobile.

  2. Dear Omega collectors:

    I have an Omega watch, I inherited from my father. How can I know its value?

  3. The best way is to identify the watch and then do a search of completed listings on eBay. It will show you the range of prices fetched for similar watches

    Good luck.

  4. Now that is just plain funny!