A Case of misunder-Stan-ing?

The fake cases coming out of Vietnam and China are getting better, but they're still not good enough to fool the fastidious buyer...thank every God in the Universe for that! My thanks to a fastidious eBay trawler for bringing this crime against the horological community to my attention. Forgive my hyperbole, but really! 

EBay Seller StantheMan is listing a "RARE Omega Constellation PiePan Auto" with a fake case and dial. I don't know if Stantheman is aware that this is a counterfeit case and dial so let's give him the benefit of the doubt. But I have to say, Stan, that this 'rarity' is about as rare as a George Bush malapropism!

Click here to view this abomination.

Stantheman states that "The case has very very little ageing marks and wear. The dial is Original and the glass is in Perfact Condition." Well, what would you expect of a fake case and dial, Stan, aging and patina? Now, that may be a little too much to ask of our Oriental fakirs, wouldn't it? An original? Well, I guess it is, as original fakes go.

Stan goes on to say "My photos do not do this Watch any Justice at all". Well Stanley, old cheese, if we were to do any justice to this watch at all, we would place it under a steam roller and invite the media to watch the crushing of yet another Oriental confection masquerading as the real thing.

Stan says that the watch "just Looks so Stunning", and I agree. It's taser-like in its potential to stun an unsuspecting purchaser who takes this watch into a reputable expert to assess its originality.

There are numerous essays on this site about these fake Oriental 'wannabees' and so I am not going to reiterate what's wrong with this pretender. If you feel inclined, post a comment on what you think is wrong with it.

Stan, we're gonna watch you from now on.

Here's another fake cased 167.005 (click here) with a 1969 serialled cal 564 that has a decidedly Franken appearance. The calendar model mid-500 series should be encased in a 168.005.

Any amount of window dressing of the listing and hyperbole, seller tarka55, will not obsure the fact that this watch is a FrankenDog. Avoid like the plague.


  1. Anonymous10:54 pm

    280247312481 100% fake ,seller may not know ,,for sure bidders do not,,

  2. Yes absolutely!

    Looks to me like a 70s Hong Kong fake. They also produced watches like this somewhere in Italy.

    It's a must see!!!



  3. Anonymous3:36 pm

    I am looking to pick up a couple of nice watches I can wear both casual and dress and that will still have some collector value. I've focused on Seamasters and Connie's from the 50's - 60's, and am aiming for a 55* movement unless I find another that blows me away. Goal is a Stainless / silver to wear with black strap and a gold/ brown leather one for combined total of $1,500 USD or less... I want a refinished 'new' looking model I can wear - 'correct' replacement parts ok. (Sorry Patina lovers...)

    After coming across your site it seems like snaring a good Connie is very difficult - nay almost impossible. Check out this seemingly accurate listing I was watching, that could be fake after reading your blog http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=160261944558 - it's hard for me to tell either way. Can one be Franken-paranoid?

    My original goal was a good refinished seamaster S/S with silver face for around $500, and $1,000+ for a gold Constellation with pie pan dial. Or vice versa a Stainless Steel pie pan Connie and a Gold seamaster.

    It now seems like a safer investment - both practically as a 'refinished' model, and collector as having lower chance of fake and 'paying less' to begin with - would be to go with seamasters for both watches. I think they look fine, and while a pie pan dial connie would be very cool, it seems near impossible to find a good one in the price range I am looking for on Ebay without being subject to fakes.

    Any thoughts / advice?


  4. Hi Nick

    the listing you mentioned looked ok to me. Has a refinished dial that was of a reasonable standing and the 564 was fine for this later model CD 168.005 (By the way, the gold plaque models didnt have the underlug faceteing)

    Yes, it is indeed to go down with a bout of Franken-Paranoia, because there some so many of them out there.

    I think you can still do a deal for 1500. Take a look at listing 150273553259. Its a cal 551 that looks very tidy. I saw bigger pics of this as the seller asked my advice about it. Generally good nick and an original dial. I expect you'd be able to get this from between 8 - 900, or perhaps less because of the smaller pics. Cal 551s are great, no date, but the best ever calibre.

    I'd then probably go for a stainless Seamaster with a cal 563 or 565 (quickset date) A nice case 166.028 would be great as a day watch. They are around and are a mighty fine looking watch. You can pick them up for 500 - 600 max in vg condition, less if theyre untidy.

    So youd have a dress watch without date and a date day watch.

    Good luck in your hunting.

    BTW there is a checklist on this blog that could be helpful with Connies.



  5. Hi again,
    I've just come across what is an obvious Franken watch on Ebay again!!. It is a Constellation with a case number 14900 and a calibre of 562!!!
    The omega star is also almost touching the word 'Constellation' I haven't bothered checking for more flaws but the seller 'watches-vintage' could probably tell us!! With a rating of 99.5% the seller should know better.
    All the best

  6. Yes I think I saw that abomination. It has a fake dial too......and its more than likely a fake Vietnamese case. I did an essay on these a while back.

    Thanks for your post


  7. Hi Desmond.
    I've read about f.q.watches on Ebay several times regarding watches of dubious history. Well, take a look at this, 380050902149 n Ebay. It's a constellation with a calibre 562 that should be a 561 or 564 calibre. The case reference number advertised is 168.017. Shame on f.q.watches and I hope prospective buyers see this before they contemplate bidding.
    All the best
    Graham Smith

  8. Yes, Good 'ol Franklin Queseda has some doozies up for auction. Let's hope that people are alerted to this one!


  9. Anonymous10:19 am

    100% authentic Omega dial and movement, probable prototype or South American (solid 18K rose gold) contract case.???????

  10. Yes indeed - a dog!

    Claims of prototype dial are ridiculous and the case back at least is a confection. The medallion looks to me as a stuck-on afterthought.

    Definitely one to avoid