française de fausses montres

Just when the fake Vietnamese/Chinese gold cases are having a sabbatical from various on-line auctions, their French-made cousins come along to spoil the show! These fake cases come in two varieties: pink and yellow 'gold' and one must use the word 'gold' advisedly.

It was not uncommon at all in the 1960s to encounter both French and Italian made fake Constellations. Most of these were fairly shoddy facsimiles containing non-jewelled movements and would now be fulfilling their true destiny: as landfill or metal scrap. But there were also some better versions where the cases appeared to be of a higher quality. Some of them may still be hanging around!

Above you will see two pictures. One is from a genuine Omega Between-the Two-Big-Wars silver pocketwatch. Notice the stamped Omega logo which was common from at least 1915 onwards. The second picture taken is of a fake case showing the old makers mark when it should show the newer makers mark that was consistent on most, if not all, postwar Omegas.

If you see a case back such as the above counterfeit example in an Omega Constellation of any period, know that it is not genuine!

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