A Poor Man's Watch Pages

Reto Castellazzi is the originator of "Poor Man's" Watch Forum which has been running since December 2001. He also sells watches, some parts and watchmakers tools.

Reto is one of a number of collectors who are very generous in sharing information, and his RWC pages contain a mine of detail about minor and major watchmaking projects. From how to refurbish fine grained bracelets to changing a battery in a Patek, you'll find these pages interesting and informative.

Click here to see his pages.


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    Hi Desmond,

    I tried to email you with some general questions but I got back a DNS error saying your email adress was not to be found. Do you have another adress that is working that I might contact you with?

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    I was just going to ask you some questions regarding a constellation that was given to me. if you want you can reach me at kyiversen@gmail.com

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    K, bloody spam bots are playing havoc with my email address and so you have to replace the 'dot' in the email address with a .