In Memory of Chuck Maddox

Chuck Maddox was a giant of the on-line watch community: knowledgeable, articulate, witty, intelligent, entertainingly contrary at times but always big-hearted and unselfish with his time.

He helped an inestimable number of people follow their collecting dreams, and with philanthropic zeal he worked over many years with a number of committed watch aficionados to 'put the knowledge out there". (See Chuck's Wally Schirra Interview here)

His untimely death at the age of 46 has shaken the on-line community, clearly demonstrated by the outpouring of sentiment on major forums. The world of vintage horology has lost one of its shining stars.

Chuck was insatiably curious and this drove him to make numerous discoveries that benefited us all. But who was Chuck Maddox? Few of us really know. Click on the following links, firstly about his interest in watches, secondly, to hear how Chuck viewed his own journey through life, and thirdly, to read the words of a friend:


  1. Anonymous1:32 pm

    With all due respect,
    Char graduated from St. Charles High School, STC, IL. Hate to say it but that's not Chuck in the pic either.

    But thanks for the kind thoughts,

  2. Thanks very much for the correction.

    Pic and postscript were sent to me and I should have verified first eh?

    Love to get some pics of Chuck as I'll do a permanent post.



  3. Anonymous11:40 am

    Dear Desmond,
    Thank you for pulling together this information on the late Chuck Maddox.
    It filled in many gaps that I had about this selfless contributer to the watch community and cofirmed for me the gap that his passing will leave in the world of watch collecting and others alike.
    Many thanks

  4. Youre welcome Ward.

    He was a mighty character, the extent of his impact and the respect people had for him was never truly known until the response after he passed away.

    It is a great loss to the WIS world