Franken Watch - a Definition

You want to see Franken? Well, take a look at this listing of a Frankenwatch par excellence.

EBay seller - Tumitime - you have outdone yourself. You rightly deserve a place in the Franken Hall of Fame for having the audacity to list this watch as a Constellation. The only part of the hyperbolic description that is remotely accurate is the use of the word 'rare'. It sure is, if rare means one of a kind!

Here is a list of red flags for this little beauty:

Case 2866 is not a known Omega Constellation case. In fact it doesnt appear in the Omega database at all, but it is known as a Seamaster model from the mi-1950s
  • The case itself, with straight lugs and reversed teardrops, has never been a member of the Constellation family;
  • The rotor doesnt carry the customary "adjusted to five (5) positions" script;
  • The outer caseback is an absolute gem. Notice how a 'ring-in' and incorrect 14k non-brickwork observatory medallion has been attached to the centre of the caseback....and no wear!
  • Notice the 'waterproof' engraving on the case back but the absence of Constellation stamped at twelve oclock - such mysterious and uneven wear!
  • The hands are way to big for the dial on this watch, which, incidentally, looks as though it spent some time at the bottom of a jewelers drawer
  • A tiny six-sider crown (Constellations had ten-sided crowns) finishes off this exemplar of the Franken art.
Senor Castro, some people may say that you're a miracle worker.  But, if you don't know that this watch is pure franken after the experience in watch-selling that you have had, I suggest you retire and perhaps pursue the art of making Madonnas weep!

If you have any doubt at all that Tumitime's watch is an abomination, please click here for an eBay listing that actually shows the original Seamaster model 2866. Revealing a refinished dial that looks quite similar to the Seamaster Olypic XVI dial, it also sports the correct crown for the model. The caseback is shown above and gives you an idea of the trouble someone has taken to 're-version' a 2866 and place a $2500.00 price tag on an $1200.00 watch.

POSTSCRIPT:  I'm delighted to say that Tumitime withdrew the watch from sale.


  1. Hello,
    I'm really worried about Constellation fakes going out there!
    I'm new in business altough my father is a retired watchmaker!
    Could you help me out with this ebay listing?

  2. Hi

    Crown is incorrect by the look of it - it should have a slightly larger crown that allows it to fit over the drum/tube snugly.

    Dial and hands are fine. Case number is correct for this model.

    The rotor bridge is incorrect and may have been replaced. There is wear on the rotor indicating issues with the rotor post or bushes.

    The movement is dirty and the is some rust on the regulator and swan neck.

    This may cost a considerable amount to get the movement back to factory specs and deal with any issues that have caused it not to work.



  3. Anonymous5:00 am

    About the connie 110214121058
    This watch is stainless steel and has been gold plated .Note the gold color inside the case that should not be there .A big mess this one is ,only good for parts .

    Tim M - O_A

  4. Agree with you completely Tim - it's a mess.

    But Omega did a yellow and pink gold plated version of this case 168.016, rather than the 200 plus micros gold cap ones that we all love.

    28 mill serial indicates encasement in about 1970 - 71. Omega moved some of its models to gold plate in order to lower prices and compete with the mechanical throwaways that were beginning to flood the market.

    But as you say, this one is for parts. The case is worthless eh?



  5. Great post, glad to hear they did the right thing.