IT'S BACK! Washington Jewelers Fake

Yes, it's back.

Refer to the post below on Washington Jewellers, the dishonest mob that let an auction for an outrageously faked Constellation go ahead while knowing that the watch was a fake.
Well, the purchaser must have wisened up, because it has re-appeared here on eBay. They have tried to disguise the fact that it is the same watch, and may have even changed the train bridge (It carries the calibre and serial numbers).

While a change of band and possibly a change of train bridge may give the appearance of another watch, check out and compare the scratches/gouges on the case back. They're identical - right?

They even have the audacity to claim that the watch is 100% authentic.

Please, the more people who report this auction to eBay the better. These clowns need to be stopped.

POSTSCRIPT: A number of subscribers to this blog reported the watch as a fake to eBay but it saw fit to let the auction run, and the watch sold for over 2000 dollars to an Australian buyer.

Imagine my surprise then when I received an email from the buyer requesting information on the watch, and imagine my further surprise when the buyer turned out to be a charming Sydney collector with whom I had done business.

I will pull out any stops to assist this collector in getting his money back. My first advice to him was to lodge a dispute with eBay, pointing out that eBay itself was advised that the watch was a complete lemon and did nothing about it.

POSTSCRIPT:  I'm delighted to say that after providing supporting information to Paypal a claim was settled in a fellow Australian's favour and the money was returned


  1. Anonymous10:41 am

    From my experience Ebay does not pull a listing just because anyone claims the item is a fake or a fraud. If the trademark owner complains to Ebay they the auction will be stopped. If you can interest Omega into contacting Ebay then you will be making some progress.

    Richard Freilich

  2. Sadly I think youre right Richard.

    I was hoping that perhaps an overwhelming number of reports would make our friends at eBay sit up and take notice.

    Nice hearing from you.



  3. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Thanks Desmond for being such a loud voice for the Omega collector!


  4. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Rolex and Cartier seem to have the fakes under control on Ebay. Tiffany is prosecuting a lawsuit against Ebay for fostering the distribution of counterfeit goods. The current owners of the Movado name apparently couldn't give spit for the heritage of the company. Rolex and Cartier must have staff monitoring Ebay listings. I'm surprised that Omega isn't more concerned.

    Richard Freilich