The 1000 family

This is the fourth and final post on Omega in-house Constellation movements.

I will, however, do a post on the early 700 calibres made by Piguet that powered many of the solid gold dress Constellations in the 1960s and 70s.

I started out reviewing the 1000 family with very much the same mindset as Kreuzer, however after speaking to numerous watchmakers who have encountered calibres 1011 and 1021 in numbers, Ive had a change of heart!

Please click here for a pdf of the review


  1. Anonymous11:54 pm

    This is a very interesting article about the 1000 series movements. Isn't it interesting that so many manufacturers who were formerly known for their quality reputation lost this reputation through self-inflicted wounds? I am thinking of Cadillac, which at one time boasted of being "The Standard of the World". That was well before the qaudy-chrome era of the 1960's, and that unmistakeable disaster, the Cimmaron, which was only a tarted-up Cavalier. Cadillac is only now begining to reclaim some of their luster, 20 - 40 years later. Hopefully, the executive geniuses at both Omega and Cadillac who made these decisions ended up their careers by scrubbing toilets in the headquarters buildings.

  2. Yes indeed.

    I dont know whether Cadillacs actually deserved their reputation, but in the case of the designers of the 1000 family, I think they did a pretty good job under the circumstances. Same thing cant be said for top management at that time when, they just didnt plan for either the timex onslaught or quartz. I'm sure some of their people would have been warning them, just as did some Japanese execs warn their respective companies that the mechanical was making a comeback, but they never listened :)

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