Fake 18k Gold Constellation Cases

Purportedly solid gold Constellations with case back 091919 are cropping up all around the Globe. From a rag and bone man flogging them in a UK flea market to a Thai smoothie who insists his watch is genuine, to US sellers on eBay listing them as rare and genuine, these Frankens are fetching some high dollars.

In one case a buyer has been taken to the cleaners to the tune of 1500 US dollars for fake case, a refinished dial and the calibre 565 stamped on the drive train of the movement.

See eBay listing  250094901207

The rotor bridge has the chronometer adjustment lettering but dont't let that fool you. Omega never powered Constellations with calibre 565s.

These watches are not Frankenwatches, but fakes. While they may contain bitsa Omega movements, they cannot be classed as real Omega Constellations. The fact that sellers and others place an Omega branded, but usually incorrect calibre, movement into these fake cases demonstrates intent of fraud.

The eBay seller - xhaldenwan05rz - knows it is a fake and refuses to refund the person he duped.

Have a look at other examples of this ongoing fraud.

EBay listing

To be fair, the latter seller replied to an email I sent and said he was going to relist. I have a feeling that some quite experienced sellers are getting taken in.

So what’s wrong with these Connies?

Firstly, the casebacks are fake and some have been found not to be solid gold, but gold plated. The example above has a gold case (maybe - but not confirmed as 18k) but plated caseback.

Secondly, the reference numbers do not coincide with any known 18k Constellation caseback numbers: 091919 is just not on the Omega Museum's radar.

Thirdly, the perlage (overlapping circled finish) is not a common feature of 18k Omega case back interiors – they are usually grain finished. The 'brickwork' feature on the observatory in genuine Omega Constellations is smooth on these fake cases.

Fourthly, a variety of movements have powered these Frankens mainly in the 56x series but I saw an Indonesian ‘doozie’ that had a bitsa movement in it.

And fifthly, there are a number of cockroaches who are getting lower grade (usually 9 k) cases made up with 18k stamps in Asia to look like genuine cases. Ive seen fake Patek, JLC and now Omega 168.005 cases as well as these 091919 cases doing the rounds.

For the Mother of all monsters, take a look at the listing below on eBay.  These fakes originate from Vietnam and have made their way into flea markets in Asia, and will surface soon enough in European and US rag and bone markets. It is powered by a bitsa Omega movement. It has a 166.041 case back number (not in the Omega database), is not solid gold and is so obvious a fake, but nevertheless a perfect watch in which to entice newbies and the more gormless of eBay watch trawlers.

Some poor devil paid $150 US for it.  It's worth. Anyone want to outbid me at $6.00?

The lesson? Don’t buy a solid gold Connie until you have checked and satisfied yourself that the movement, dial and case belong to each other. Make sure the cluster of indicators you research all add up.......and always let the seller know if they're flogging a fake.


  1. Anonymous3:02 am

    Hello Desmond -

    This isn't the only bogus 18K case floating around. Check eBay items, 200095278616 and 140101934407. The case number used on these is in the Omega database, however it is for a snap back case which is supposed to house the super flat cal 712 movement and not even remotly revelant to the case style it is being used for. Unfortunately there are a lot of undeucated buyers paying big sums for these fakes.

    Regards - Norman

  2. Anonymous6:18 am

    Want to see a fake 18ct gold constellation, then look at item No 130119682077 on Ebay from a trusted 100% seller whose credentials are impeccable. Even the best seller can make a mistake and unknowingly sell 'what I believe to be' a dummy.This watch is a constellation with a 562 calibre movement (mostly used in seamasters)an unbevelled date window, with a 'T' either side of 'SWISS MADE' but no sign of luminous markers with dauphine hands and the famous constellation star touching the word 'constellation'- there should be a gap! (I think?). As an amateur, most people will spot anomalies with this watch. If I'm wrong, apologies to the seller but I'd be grateful for more knowledgable comments please. Thanks, Graham

  3. Youre dead right Norman.

    I cant believe how many of these duds are coming out of the woodwork.

    Ive used some in recent posts.



  4. re 130119682077 its fake alright.

    Good description of faults. Notice also the lack of proper chamfering around the date surround. Have a look at the caseback too. The helvetia stamp is badly executed and on the wrong side of the casemakers mark in my opinion, and the responsibility mark is incorrect with the strangest Omega symbol Ive seen. The case makers mark - the key with the number 20 inside it - (the key is number 5 in the case makers open register) does not coincide with any casemaker code used by Omega casemakers. I doubt if the case back is more than gold plated and the case itself has a few specks of gold in the amalgum. The case number of course is not an Omega case number.

  5. I saw this watch and (being no sort of Omega expert) thought it was a reasonable looking piece.

    I did a little research - which turned up this site - and realized that it was at best assembled from an assortment of parts.

    I sent a warning message to the seller saying that I wished to avoid him any embarrassment.

    So far - no reply, but the auction is shortly ending and the watch stands at £865.

    No further comment necessary.

  6. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Well i would like to add and clarify, that the case reference 166.041 is a good genuine omega case number. It just does not belong to the constellation series. rather it comes up on stainless geneve, and gold plated 20 microns. also a good number for seamaster 600 series cases also.

  7. Agree that 166.0041 (sometimes appearing as 166.041) is a genuine case number and as far as I know it was the case for a cal 565 powered Geneve.

    However, 166.041 on a purportedly solid gold case with the observatory decal on the back is definitely not kosher. Geneves didnt have that case back motif.

    Notice the fake helvetia and responsibility marks on that case back also.

    Some fakir has obviously picked a number out of the air.

  8. Dear Mr. Desmond,
    I am from New delhi, India. I have an Omega constellation 18k gold, case 2699 sc, powered by 254 calibre and two tone guilloche dial. I want to send you pictures of it, but the email is bouncing off your email account, saying that the user doesnt exist.. please let me know where i can post the pictures of my watch.

  9. Hi Jayesh

    Just click on the About Me link on the right hand column of the blog and then click email. The email address is correct and should work.



  10. Anonymous7:52 am

    Hi Desmond, an Omega 166.041 just surfaced on ebay, and yes it is being offered by an asian seller. I thought I'd share and maybe potential buyer will see the post.

    Item Number: 220999468383

    Have a good one,


    1. HI Pablo,

      Thanks for your post. I have reported it, and I suggest you report it too. The more people who report it the more likely eBay will pull the auction.