Archetypal Franken

There are quite a few inauthentic Constellations on eBay at the moment, but I've posted this one as it is an absolute classic!

I emailed the seller- oddstuff247 - and pointed out its inauthenticity and received this reply "I don't know much about this, I'm selling for a friend. You can send me the reference you are talking about to....."  The seller has sold watches in the past and sells a range of goods including jewellry, so it may be true the he doesnt know he is selling an ansolute abomination-
another Frankenfreak in fact.

For fun, click on the link above and see if you can work out the major clues that point to its Franken heritage
.....then match them against the following:

  • The movement is claimed to be a calibre 565 and no Constellation was ever powered by a 565

  • To double check and make sure that the train bridge that carries the calibre number wasn't simply replaced with a 565 train bridge, check the rotor bridge and notice that Adjusted to (5) five positions and temperatures is not stamped there, but is replaced by script that denotes the watch has been adjusted to two positions.

  • Also notice that 17 jewels is stamped. That's a real giveaway because calibre 565s were a 24 jewel movement. So what we have here - if indeed we have a non-certified cal 565 movement - is a ring-in rotor bridge from another movement series. 

  • Check the serial number against the Omega database. The serial number (in the 30 millions) dates the movement to the early 70s. Constellation Pie Pans with the case shown in the listing were not made in the 70s. In fact the last Pie Pans were housed in monocoque cases and were phased out in 1969.

  • Compare the dial with  the reference dials in my September 1 posting under the heading 'Which Dial is Fake'. What you'll notice is that the script is ink-stamped and patchy. The word Constellation is similar but not exactly like the real thing....and they fogot to dot the 'i'!!!  Notice also the two T letters on either side of 'Swiss Made' at 6 o'clock. This denotes that both the hands and markers should have tritium luminosity - but neither the hands or markers have even a trace.

So what we have here is one of Dr Frankenwatch's blowbacks - a hideous attempt to create an authentic looking Connie from parts laying around.

The seller is no longer unaware of the problems with his listing and I think that he should alter it to reflect the truth about this awful watch - I wonder if he will? Or will he risk spoiling his 100% feedback record if a buyer twigs that s/he has bought a monster soon after the sale?

POSTSCRIPT: A correspondent tells me that oddstuff247 cancelled the listing - an honourable thing to do.


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