A Bespoke Omega Constellation Box

Some time ago I wrote a review (here) of the TV dialled 368.0852 Constellation and commended it as a hell of a lot of watch for not a lot of money.  The review evoked some interest in what was a relatively forgotten or ignored in-house, pre Swiss crisis model.

Later, in August 2011, I heard from MarkB, who had collected a range of examples of the 368.0852 and was intending to commission a custom-made box in which to house and present them.   He was looking for the dimensions of the watch so as to reflect the unique lines of the watch design in the shape of the box.  

Subsequently, Mark commissioned cabinet maker, Daniel Tomlinson, to design a prototype before he committed to the final design and materials. Below is the initial prototype: 

After consultation, Mark and Daniel settled on the design and the work on the box began; a complicated process of building the box shape, layer by layer, prior to selecting wood veneers that would adorn and indeed beautify the sculptured shell.   

The lid of the box is fashioned to replicate the watch head: 

In opening the lid, one is immediately met by a representation of the Constellation medallion stars inlaid into the rich burr walnut. The inner box derives its shape from the TV dial and the bezel profile is outlined in walnut veneer. 

This beautiful bespoke piece is a wonderful creation by a true artisan. Daniel decided to document and photograph his progress and you can view the full story here. 

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