The Omega Constellation 168.001 Jumbo

The Omega Constellation Jumbo model 168.001 is mostly seen in oriental markets and few make their way to globalised electronic auction sites. But for those who wish to don their tropical whites, throw on a wolseley pattern Pith and go on safari to the far-ish east, you may well encounter a Jumbo in its natural environment.

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  1. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Hi, I have an Omega 168001 with incorrect crown. From my research and an old booklet I found that the correct fitting crown should be a 42055 crown. However, I found only yellow gold versions of this crown. The crown displayed above looks a lot like a 4204. Can I get your opinion on this matter?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hard to be certain as I can see a slight convexity to the side of the crown. The 4214s were were quite narrow.

    I think it's a miracle that you've come across a 42055 in gold as these have been discontinued for years.

    It will be a hard trawl methinks before you find ne in stainless. You could try a 4214 because it is the same crown pipe size.

    Happy hunting