How a Mechanical Watch Works

Wearing a mechanical watch is like wearing a micro-engine on your wrist, and this, I suspect, is the reason why it is men who mainly fall victim to the allures of the vintage mechanical watch.  There is something about the mechanics of a mechanical watch that triggers an innate curiosity in some but not all men.........who knows, it could even be genetic!

The experience most likely to set off the compulsion to delve deeeper into the workings of vintage timepieces is that of witnessing the clicks, ticks and whirs of the genuine article.  In this delightful period film shot as an education piece by Hamiliton, now part of the Omega stable, you will witness one of the most lucid narrations on how a mechanical watch works that I've ever encountered. The video is narrated in English.

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  1. gatorcpa6:38 am

    Don't know if anyone would be interested in the man who produced this movie for Hamilton, but Ryan Rooney wrote an excellent article on Jam Handy some years ago. You can find it here:

    Almost every American schoolchild from the 1950's through the 1970's are familiar with Mr. Handy's work, although almost no one knew his name.

    Another winner here, Des!

  2. Fascinating story around this guy, and more power to Ryan's elbow for putting it together.

    Thanks for sharing this Evan



  3. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Hello Desmond,

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