Buffing Out Hesalite Crystal Scratches

Omega Constellations of the 1950s and 60s generally featured crystals made from Hesalite, a proprietary brand of fine acrylic crystal. Hesalite is still used in preference to mineral crystal on some watches today. While saphire crystals are less likely to scratch, they shatter into tiny fragments and this can be hazardous in some environments.

Hesalite is much more prone to scratching and over the years collectors and watchmakers have come up with a bevy of home and professional remedies to buff out the scratches. Below is a sample of some of the more common techniques.
If you have perfected, or know of, a successful technique not mentioned here, let me know and I'll add it to the list.


  1. I just received my tube of "Displex" from eBay and used it to polish the Hesalite Crystal on my mid 60's Seamaster De Ville. This is the original crystal on this watch and it suffered from forty some years of small scratches plus one big one. About five minutes of rubbing with the Displex took out all the small scratches! It looks new again and when I get some feeling back in my numb fingers I will gige the one remaining scratch another try.

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  3. Anonymous4:01 am

    Watch out for toothpaste, I have a feeling it might make a plastic crystal more scratched.

  4. I received this information from a collector in India. Could be a useful alternative Cheers



    I m using the GLANOL Car Polish with Carnauba Wax - 150 ml, for polishing my speedy's hesalite crystal, after applying for around 5-6 times a permanent layer of carnauba wax has formed over the crystal, preventing any kind of scratches further, and the depth of shine is equivalent to a soap bubble, thereby enhancing the sheen of the crystal that is to be seen to be believed.......

    as the Hesalite has a transperancy of 99%, the crystal just grows on u .....

    the polish can be ordered from the link given below :


    the product is a German one, but they don't ship anywhere out side Europe, the official website is :


  5. Hello my name is Peter. I have watch Omega Constellations, it is on one stone, 18 carat gold, with Rubin in the knob. I have a huge request, if you would be so kind and helped me to estimate what the year comes. because in Poland no one is able to help me.

    greetings Piotr

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