To Be Perfectly Franken: Colour Variations Plus

Colour variations on movement parts are one way in which to flag a FrankenConnie.

But colour variations are only part of the story.

Please click here for an article on some of the finer distinctions to make if you chance upon a Constellation that has parts of different hues


  1. Anonymous7:28 am

    Dear Mondodes,

    i'm looking for a watch and have my mind set on a constellation from 1971 with cal. 564. But after reading your article on colour variations i'm not to sure. Would you concider seeing a picture and offering your opinion? i could mail the picture that the seller sent me of the 564. Anyway, great blog. I'm new in this and learning.
    Best wishes Hasse Orloff

  2. Hi Hasse - feel free to email me at