Now that the Star of the Month feature is bedded down, it's only fair that we cover the flip side of rare, well-preserved or special Omega Constellations and pay homage to those obvious half breeds and bitsas that constitute the underbelly of major on-line auction sites and dealerships.

Can we call them Dogs of the Month? While several Men's Best Friends with whom I'm acquainted would be outraged at such a libel against their species, I can't think of another suitable description that isn't profane, blasphemous, or both. So Dogs of the Month it is.

The examples listed here are random in as much as they flew off the computer screen and bit me on the nose.

First, a particularly rabid example. Please click here to view this eBay listing offered by seller tiger-gem-uk who has 99.9% feedback. Yes! A Constellation C-Shape, Piepan, Stick hand, model 14393 case back, bitsa Connie if there was ever one. C-Shaped cases of this vintage carried the case back number 168.009/17. A definitive example of a Frankendog.

POSTSCRIPT: I am pleased to say that this watch has be withdrawn from sale. The seller advised it was bought in good faith from another Dealer. As soon as he was alerted about this post, he investigated and withdrew the watch.

This does raise the issue of 'sellers beware' as well as buyers. Under UK consumer law, vendors have a responsibility to ensure that their product descriptions are accurate and legitimate. And the seller of this watch is to be commended that he withdraw it when the status of the watch was pointed out.

The vintage watch world is contaminated by many disreputable types trying to capitalise on the growing interest in vintage watches. The key is for both buyers and sellers to research watches pre-purchase, because knowledge is the only defence against the lowlife that flog fakes and frankens.

This mangy mutt is offered by eBay seller Jackanpet who is compromising a record of 100% positive feedback by offering a fake dialled and suspect case. The caseback 167.005 properly belongs to a calibre 551.

I suspect this is yet another series of fake cases from Vietnam to add to the already well-faked case 14902. Notice the lack of chamfer on the side of the upper lugs that does not appear to be missing due to overpolishing and look at the observatory medallion on the outer case back - not exactly to Omega standards, would you say?

The dial is a minor travesty with incorrect date surround (should be multifaceted and fit the dial planes snugly). Note the double T Swiss Made marking (another giveaway) without any presence of lume on the markers or hands. The Constellation script is missing the dotted 'i' ( a signature of these faked dials) To see another example of this type of fake dial click here

These are simply random examples from the eBay pack. While you will find excellent Constellations from reputable sellers from time to time on this auction site, the number of Frankendogs is high. Do your homework first - it's the only way to ensure you're taking home a pure breed.


  1. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Psst: you should warn readers about the frankenwatch Constellation being sold by eBay seller "marinos48" as item #150241649776. It has a back from an entirely different Omega model.

  2. hehe

    Well you just did!

    And thanks for taking the trouble :)



  3. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Hi Desmond

    Have been looking at your wonderful site for ages (and drooling over some of the contents). Great site EXCELLENTLY produced and very well written, it has proved very valuable to me improving my knowledge of Omega watches (the best, MUCH better than R*lex) that's gonna upset someone!!.
    Anyhow I saw this on ebay and thought you might like it, enjoy, I'll have a pint of what he's on !
    item # 200219604327

  4. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Hello Desmond

    Is the sort of advert that Tiger Gem posted really the main target? I think more concerning are those that hype up dodgy watches with effusive descriptions that mis confer the sellers expertise on the prospective purchaser. The Jackanpet watch was an example but this one is in some ways even worse in terms of how it is described: 280220521187
    The vendor provides, in great detail, a list of all things fantastic about this watch and makes it seem a very safe buy. But he doesnt mention the missing stubby index marker at 3 o'clock, a possibly dodgy 6 o'clock marker (the photographs are too poor to be sure)and over-polished lugs that look like amputated stumps. This is someone who knows the defects of the watch but chooses to hide them ("This watch couldn’t be improved upon in terms of either its condition or originality") and gains a high price for the watch accordingly. Not a 'dog' as such but not what the purchaser thinks it is either.

  5. Anonymous2:50 pm

    What doyou think of this Constellation watch sold on Ebay, is it a fake ?

  6. Last question first: The 14393 dial is definitely refinished. Omega standard was to have uninterrupted cross hairs on the dial. Script also is a flag as it is somewhat varied from standard.

    Re response re Tiger Gem, I agree with your sentiments about using hyperbole to describe otherwise doggish watches. I particularly smart as you do when vendors deliberately hide defects.

    Every now and again I have done a mocking piece on such purple prose, but there is just so much of it on the on-line auction sites it can distract me from the fundamental purpose of this blog, and that is to provide detailed information to enthusiasts so they can make a judgement on the pirates and parasites who prey on people's naivety



  7. tiger (alan)4:36 pm

    Dear Desmond,
    I have taken the decision to relist the Omega Constellation which was the subject of your blog recently.
    In my description I will point out it is a watch with parts from various other date Omegas.
    No intention to deceive it will be described what you said in your blog, the listing will start at £5 and the market will decide.The watch must have a value for parts.In your blog about my watch am i right you said the watch comprised parts from various Omega Constellations and can you confirm the parts though not original are real omega watch parts "so may I have confidence the watch parts are genuine per se" even if not original to one watch ie from various Omega Constellations watches I would like to make that perfectly clear but I need clarification before listing.Can I have clarification please: the case is original constellation and not a copy? , the dial is original constellation and not a copy? , the movement is original constellation and not a copy? .I emphasise the watch will be described as a marriage of parts and and not original to one model (ie dates).
    Before listing I would appreciate some help about what my watch comprises the the sum of its parts I want to leave nobody in any doubt to what they will be bidding on.I would like permission to reproduce your answers so prospective buyers can see care has been taken before listing what is a contentious watch back on to market, I would also appreciate if you would list these comments on your blog and you would list your answers in reply on your blog.
    I thank you for your help on this matter.Only on your answer and guideance and advice will I reconsider to list so ebay buyers can be clear exactly what the watch a marriage of parts and NOT original to one watch.
    I want to leave nobody in any doubt to what the watch is.
    Can you please help regard the title , and description as to how I can clearly point out to what the watch is so nobody is left in any doubt to what is being listed on the ebay auction site.
    I also want to show this is not annomynous comments but comeing from myself tiger-gem-uk (alan).
    I would like confirmation I have covered all issues here before taking the final decision to list such a watch which has been the subject of your blog.
    I am aware I have repeated myself but I need to be sure this is clear and accptable relisting.I need to be sure it comes under the regulations of ebay and clear to all the buyers.
    If I cannot make this clear I WILL NOT RELIST.
    My many thanks

  8. Thanks Alan for your post.

    What I can say about this watch is that as it stands its a wedding or franken watch.

    The dial is a reproduction Constellation dial of middling quality and the i in Constellation is not dotted. Also with the C-shaped Constellation powered by calibre 561 or 564 it should have a flat dial with 'index' markers and onyx inserts to match the hands.

    Caseback 14393 belongs to an earlier case style, and is useful in itself as a part. The medallion is worn, but still it is worth money to someone who has a damaged case back from that case number style.

    The movement looks very tidy and appears to have no rust. From your pics I can't tell the calibre number (cal 561 or 564), but again this is an excellent calibre movement and is most certainly worth a couple of hundred dollars on its own.

    The stick hands are the correct hands (if theyre indeed gold plated) for this model of watch.

    The case isnt bad at all - a couple of dings but the gold plaque has stood up reasonably well.

    This watch may well be a project watch for someone who knows how to get hold of a C-Shape dial and caseback number 168.009/17. By affecting those changes a person would certainly have a watch that was correct in terms of the specs for a C-shape.

    Although we still dont know if the movement serial number matches Omegas records for a C-Shape case, the watch would then at least be correct in appearance.



  9. tiger(alan)4:55 am

    Thank you Desmond for the helpful comments which I have reproduced on my auction site.
    I have also listed a steel omega Constellation which is running concurrently.
    I await your comments with interest perhaps you would be kind enough to email me if you think anything is amiss.
    My best wishes