The saga of Jensen Dinh of 5214 E Nicholas Place, Scottsdale, Arizona continues. Is that his real name or could he have a couple more up his sleeve? The name on his NAWCC badge is Phong and he signs cheques under the name Fong. This fiend, trading under the eBay name of jd_km20 and also buying under the moniker 720phd, occupies one of the Top Ten Public Enemy slots in the category of Horological Delinquency. Sorry about the unflattering picture, but it's the best one I have of him!

Apart from his forays into fake Omega cases, building Franken Patik Philippes and fake Blancpain 50 Fathoms, he also turns a good Rolex trick.

I received this reply to an earlier post from Paul and I think it deserves a post of its own. 

"I have been reading your observations on Mr Jensen Dinhs ebay listings with interest, and following his items listed. His front is something else!

Clearly by his recent listings he is making up parts to convert valjoux 72 cal movements to fit rolex daytona cases (which he is also having made) and creating manual wind daytonas.

Amazes me that he has the front and greed to offer out component parts he has made up such as dial, rolex signed bridges etc. Surely would be enough to be ripping people off to the tune of 15,000 usd on made up daytonas.

Can only wonder where he is offering out the complete watchs. I also note with interest he is selling off genuine rolex cases minus their movements for case numbers such such as 1501. It is of note these cases would have had 1570 calibre movements, generic to more desirable models. I wonder what case their original movements ended up in?

Would hazard a guess at explorer 2 with orange hand or sub. I also see he has a patek case and dial only (polished) on ebay, which bears a striking resemblance to the case on the patek watch he recently sold on ebay and featured on frankenwatchs. Could it be those chinese case makers only do job lots?! Cheers Paul"


  1. Bruce Reding12:19 pm

    You're providing a wonderful service to the collecting community. Thanks for all your hard work, Desmond.

  2. Jensen a/k/a Phong Dinh sold me a fake Explorer II Orange Hand. When I found out it was fake I demanded my money back in return for the watch and, of course, he refused. I have now filed a lawsuit in Chicago (where I live) against him and just got the affidavit of service from the Sheriff of Maricopa County today. Interestingly, he sent the summons and complaint back to me telling me there had been a mistake and that I must have been trying to reach the former tenant. Very sly, but unfortunately for him, I have an affidavit of service from the Sheriff. I plan to obtain a default judgment against Dinh & Co. and go after his assets. I will let you know how everything turns out. Any other information you could provide me about this guy would be helpful.

  3. hi-
    I am a recent watch enthusiast and have purchase items from this seller. I never thought for a moment that the items he was offering were original, purchased for restoration projects for myself. You have to know that and if you don't, you have to ask, and if you are not satisfied by the answers, then don't bid or buy. I don't think he ever out right claimed any of the items he was selling to be original or authentic if they were not. I saw an Explorer 1655 he was selling- well below market value. I think that is the first clue. Also, it never said in the add that the watch was authentic or original. Perhaps the movement is authentic, but I am sure the case is not and that is pretty obvious. Any way, I have had good dealings with them. I am sorry if others haven't.

  4. I'm sorry to disappoint you Datuna, but he has made outright and fraudulent claims - one of which cost a purchaser of a Patek Philippe 15 thousand dollars. I am happy to make that statement because I have considerable evidence of his fraudulent activities.

    I'm all for buyer beware and indeed buyers asking questions within the realms of their competence, but cockroaches like Jensen Fong alias Phong alias Dinh - who has two handles jdm_k20 and 720phd on eBay and probably more - prey not only on the naivite of purchasers but also on the ambiguity of the language.

    In linguistics, there is a rule of identity - either a thing is a thing or not, and if Jensen Dinh uses the identity of a Rolex Daytona to describe a piece of fake or Franken crap he is selling then he is clearly committing fraud....There are some people who have dealt with him who actually have evidence of 'intent'....and so I'm not exaggerating here.

    American consumer laws as you probably know do not actually reinforce the buyer beware line. In fact they protect people from the likes of this scumbag by placing an onus on a merchant to correctly and accurately describe the product they are selling.

    Back to the identity thing, one does not have to describe a Rolex or any other brand as 'genuine'. The very fact it is described as such implies legally that the genuine article is being so described. In fact you cant have a 'genuine' Rolex, you can only have a Rolex. However, the use of the idenity of Rolex to describe a 'fake' or 'Franken' Rolex model implicity and indeed legally suggests fraud.

    It is most unfortunate that in some people's eyes it is almost a crime to be naive and get caught by the likes of Dinh. The other half of the Buyer Beware truism is 'Seller be Fair' - funny but many people let the seller off the hook without a second thought about their moral, merchantile and indeed legal responsibilities.

  5. Mark Evenson5:28 am

    I google the name of new members on my website

    I would like to thank you for reporting these scams by this seller in this blog. By finding information like this it helps me to delete and block accounts with his ip address and email address.

    If anyone ever wants to report a seller on Luxury Watch Exchange please call me directly at 239-597-6889. I look to the watch industry as a whole to help me police sellers on Luxury Watch Exchange.

    We shut down accounts and ask questions later.

    Mark Evenson